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“Dream City”, the original Crystal Lagoons’ project comes to India

29 January, 2015 / News

In the city of Pune, one of the most economically developed metropolis, in the middle of one of world´s most populated countries, the real estate company is developing a project different to everything seen so far.

With channels used as structural axes, in which there are water taxi cabs, Crystal Lagoons develops an intense real estate project that represents the company’s entrance to India by the great gate.

Dream City is the name of the design the company carries on in Pune, one of India’s most economically developed metropolis, in the middle of one of the world’s most populated countries.

For the first time in the history of Crystal Lagoons projects, the water goes throughout the complex. “The real estate challenge was to differentiate ourselves from the rest building an unprecedented complex, literally a dream city, to which our response was to design a 5.5-hectare crystalline lagoon with the shape of canals”, Kevin P. Morgan, Crystal Lagoons USA’ CEO explains.

The project –with a total investment near US$1.500 million- considers more than one million square meters constructed in residential and corporative buildings, totalizing 8.000 luxurious units, to which a five-star hotel, marinas, educational centres, exotic gardens and wide green areas, among other 250 facilities will join.

The development also includes a professional football school of the very famous English team Liverpool FC and world class nine sports centres.





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