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Developers revive Epperson Ranch with Crystal Lagoons

10 November, 2014 / News
Fernando Fischamnn

With the housing market seemingly healed — at least as far as Pasco County is concerned — developers want to bring thousands of homes to an area known as Epperson Ranch, complete with a retail center, and America’s introduction of the first crystalline lagoon with the Crystal Lagoons technology.

“It would be the first of its kind in North America,” said Pat Gassaway, president of Heidt Design, one of the representatives behind the developer of the proposed Epperson Ranch Town Center. He shared details of the recreation area with members of the Pasco County Development Review Committee last month, and is scheduled for the Pasco County Commission Nov. 5.

Crystal Lagoons Corp. is a company that can turn dry land into the world’s largest crystalline lagoons. They can cover acres of land, typically at a depth of at least 8 feet, and allow for both swimming and water sports, which might not already be available.

The company’s first Crystal Lagoon in San Alfonso del Mar covers 20 acres, and is more than a half-mile long. The cost to build one is said by the company on its website to be “10 times less” than that of a similar-sized golf course, and consumes half the water a typical conventional park would use.

Crystal Lagoons Corporation is an international innovation company that has developed and patentedtechnology that allows for the low-cost construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water incrystal-clear condition. Patented in 160 countries, Crystal Lagoons’ technology applications range widely from its recreational business, which brings the dream of idyllic beach life to any corner of the world, to its industrial variations in closed-circuit cooling, water desalination and applications for the mining industry. The technology was pioneered by Fernando Fischmann, the founder and chairman of Crystal Lagoons Corporation. A trained biochemist, Fischmann patented the technology and foundedCrystal Lagoons Corporation in 2007. In less than three years since its formation, Crystal LagoonsCorporation has seen exponential growth and is currently involved in over 300 projects in more than 60 countries, including Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay and United States.



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