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Crystal Lagoons’s clients discuss the benefits of World’s Top Amenity at ULI

11 May, 2016 / News

Leading U.S. real estate, hotel and residential developers see tremendous value in adding a Crystal Lagoon to their projects (both for new developments and to reinvigorate existing developments) as the beachfront properties have been proven to double residential sales prices and increase sales-speed by two to three times.

Crystal Lagoons’s clients discuss the benefits of World’s Top Amenity at ULI Fall Meeting, event that attracts more than 6,000 top leaders from around the world in the real estate and land use industries. Crystal Lagoons Panel discussion at ULI Meeting featuring top real estate developers Jim Zboril of Tavistock, Greg Singleton of Metro Development Group, Eduardo Romo of Diamante Country Club, and Tom Turner of Cabo Vida, Pablo Abumohor.

Since opening its U.S. Headquarters in Miami, Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp. has announced 13 projects with high-profile development companies such as Turnberry Associates, Tavistock Development Group and Metro Development Group, representing 12 billion dollars in development and a total of 55 projects in different stages of negotiations in the U.S. with a value of almost 54 billion dollars.

The company’s portfolio of 300 projects worldwide in more than 60 countries. This year, the company opened a Los Angeles office to serve the growing demand on the West Coast and a new office is also planned for Texas.

Globally patented in 160 countries, Crystal Lagoons was honored with a patent protection by the highly selective Fast-Track Program for Green Technologies from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  This coveted honor only considered technologies representing an advance in environmental sustainability (out of more than 1,500 applicants at the time, only Crystal Lagoons was approved).

A Crystal Lagoon uses 30 times less water than a typical 18-hole golf course and 50 percent less water than a park of the same size.  Crystal Lagoons technology uses disinfection pulses that use up to 100 times less chemicals than swimming pools and an ultrasonic filtration system that uses up to 50 times less energy than conventional filtration systems.  Plus, Crystal Lagoons can use almost any type of water including, fresh, salt, brackish, well water and more.

In addition to recreational uses, Crystal Lagoons technology also has industrial applications including the sustainable cooling of thermal power and industrial plants and water desalination and purification.  The company is working to solve the world shortage of potable fresh water through its experimental desalination technology project already underway in Chile.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.


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