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Crystal Lagoons’ technology keeps captivating the international media

19 December, 2014 / News
Crystal Lagoons

Once more, the crystalline lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar has been recognized as one of the most amazing lagoons in the world. This time “The Info Pub” from the U.S. highlighted the world’s largest lagoon among their chosen destinations.

The publication says that people who enjoy swimming, sailing and practice water sports outdoors will find their dream place at San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo. The massive outdoor lagoon is more than 1.000 meters long, it has 3 meters of depth, and it and it has 66 million gallons of crystalline water.

The lagoon is so big that -it covers 8 hectares- the visitors can sail in boats and kayaks. The Info Pub underlines as the main characteristic of the place that “the water is completely transparent, with the turquoise colour of the tropical seas, a characteristic that is only possible thanks to the advanced technology developed by Crystal Lagoons”.

This publication adds to the myriad of stories, articles and reportages that the most important media in the world, such as CNN, BBC, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, Popular Mechanics, among others, had devoted to the lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar since it was certified as the world’s largest manmade lagoon by the Guinness World Record.




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