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Crystal Lagoons strengthen its Middle East presence with two new projects in Egypt

14 August, 2015 / News

Crystal Lagoons’ expansion in the Middle East and Northern Africa is being consolidated in partnership with some of the main real estate developers and it foresees a fast growth for the company in the market of this region. Up until now, the multinational company totalizes more than 40 projects in different development stages in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and it has recently announced two new initiatives in Egypt that will join two other ones that the company already has in that country.

“Swanlake North Coast” and “Golf Porto Marina” will be located in Egypt’s northern coast, in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Alexandria. They aim at second housing and their main differentiating elements are the crystal clear lagoons with white sand beaches.

Swanlake North Coast project is being developed by Crystal Lagoons in partnership with Hassan Allam Properties, one of Egypt’s main real estate firms, specialized in high end residential projects. Focused on the luxury segment, the complex will feature three lagoons developed by Crystal Lagoons’ technology that will totalize more than 6.1 hectares of crystal clear lagoons.

With an estimated investment of US$200 million, the complex will feature 675 luxurious residential units, a boutique hotel, facilities for the practice of a wide variety of sports and gastronomic areas, among other characteristics.

In partnership with Egyptian Amer Group, one of extensive experience in the development of real estate projects, hotels, shopping malls, Crystal Lagoons is developing Golf Porto Marina, which estimated investment reaches US$345 million. The complex will feature a 2.4-hectare crystal clear lagoon as its main attraction.

There will be two thousand residential units that will also feature the only 18-holes golf course in Egypt’s northern coast, designed by the American architect Raymond Hearn, one of the world’s most important golf course designers.


With a 12.5-hectare lagoon in the middle of the desert, within the “CityStars’ Sharm El Sheikh” project, Crystal Lagoons achieved its second World Guinness Record for the world’s largest crystal clear lagoon, surpassing the one at the iconic San Alfonso del Mar project, in Chile, that with 8 hectares was certified as the Earth’s largest one in 2007.

“CityStars Sharm El Sheikh” is the result of a partnership agreement between Crystal Lagoons and the Sharbatly family, owners of the most important real estate holding in the Middle East and Africa. The complex will feature 30.000 residential units, hotels, golf courses, marinas, a museum and a shopping mall.

With an estimated investment of US$ 5.500 million, the crystal clear lagoon of this project was only made possible thanks to Crystal Lagoons’ technology, that by taking water that had no further use and incorporating it to deserted lands unsuitable for any development, it finally provided an unique value added to the project.

Likewise, this is the first project in the world that makes use of this technology for recreational and desalinization purposes altogether.

Crystal Lagoons is also developing the “Radamis for Hotels and Touristic Resorts” project in the bay area of Sharm El Sheikh. The project aims at a high end real estate segment and considers 2.567 rooms in three different hotels, in an area of 75 hectares.

It will also have a 2.7-hectare lagoon, and as well as other projects, it will be a navigable lagoon, making possible the practice of any kind of water sports, such as kayaking, laser, windsurf , among others.


In the middle of Dubai’s city centre, widely regarded as the business capital of the Middle East, Crystal Lagoons is developing a super luxury project called “Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City – District One”.

This development will involved an US$7 million investment and it considers a 40-hectare mega crystal clear lagoon with whitely sand beaches. The project is a joint venture between Meydan Group- the real estate arm of Dubai’s government, linked to the monarchy- and Sobha, India’s most important real estate firm. With this lagoon, Crystal Lagoons is expected to break its third World Guinness Record.

In the lagoons surroundings three corporate towers; an industrial parks; sports areas; a public park of a similar size of London’s Hyde Park; water parks; “The Meydan Mall”, -the world’s largest one-; more than 100 hotels; and 1500 new super luxury condo units which costs will range between 7 to 12 million dollars will be built. Apart from the world’s largest crystal clear lagoon, the project will also break other world records with the highest residential tower and the longest indoor ski slope.

“The Middle East and Northern Africa represent a huge opportunity for Crystal Lagoons when investment in touristic infrastructure keeps growing. Our technology is a novel concept and a comparative advantage so powerful that is causing a revolution in the tourism and real estate regional market, as it has already happened in every single market where the company has been present”, states Carlos Salas, Crystal Lagoons Regional Director for The Middle East and Northern Africa.

Crystal Lagoons Corp. is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.


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