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Crystal Lagoons Project Sapphire Bay to become iconic destination in the United States

3 December, 2021 / News

The Crystal Lagoons Sapphire Bay project in Rowlett will not only bring surfing and the experience of idyllic beach life to Texas City, it will also become an iconic American destination for living, working and relaxing. The initiative will serve as a regional and national destination for both residents and local businesses, as well as those who travel to the sector in search of luxury and adventure. The project will feature a crystalline lagoon of almost 3 hectares developed with the pioneering technology of the multinational water innovation company, Crystal Lagoons.

It will be an unprecedented change for Rowlett and so says Blue Ribbon News, which in its article highlights that this lagoon will be a unique central element that will attract countless visitors by combining water sports, entertainment, restaurants and more.

Presence in Texas

Crystal Lagoons, a Miami-based multinational responsible for bringing crystal clear lagoons to the world, has continued its commitment to bringing the world’s top amenity to multiple regions of the United States, with Texas as its “star” state. Iván Manzur, Crystal Lagoons Senior Vice President of Sales said “Texas is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive states for Crystal Lagoons. It has to do with the population, with the size and the idea that we could bring the beach life to Texans”.

According to Manzur, there are currently 70 projects in talks in Texas, and 90% of them are based on the PAL™ business model, which allows for private-run lagoons with public access through tickets, opening the doors for private investors and developers to own the world’s top amenity along with a source of income.

Blue Ribbon News


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