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Crystal Lagoons Real Estate Revolution Lands in Australia

21 March, 2016 / News

International innovation company, Crystal Lagoons, has established a Sydney office with a goal to revolutionize the Australian real estate market.

Through its ground-breaking technology Crystal Lagoons has the ability to bring waterfront amenity to inland areas of major cities and regions, contributing to the development of urban populated areas inland in the continent, relieving the population pressure on the coastline

In Australia it will help solve the problem of safe swimming in dangerous coastal areas and will add value to inland areas far from the coast. In fact, it will be specially useful for locations where the ocean or rivers are unswimmable due to pollution, jellyfish, sharks or dangerous currents. Crystal Lagoons offers the alternative of a crystalline lagoon of unlimited size that can transform an inhospitable place into one of infinite possibility.

The technology, patented in 160 countries, has transformed real estate markets across the globe in the residential, tourist and industrial sectors, creating the world’s top amenity: unlimited size bodies of water suitable for swimming and water sports – all at a low construction and maintenance cost.

The company currently has 300 projects at different stages of development in 60 countries and Australia is the next market it plans to conquer.

Oceania Regional Director Germán Rocca said Australia was an important market for expansion with enormous potential in residential, tourist and industrial environments.

“Crystal Lagoons has revolutionized the real estate market in every country it has entered and we believe the technology will have just as great an impact in Australia,” said Mr Rocca.

“Australians love the water but the coastline of major cities has been virtually built out and the real estate is very expensive. Crystal Lagoons’ technology allows developers of residential real estate and tourist facilities to create crystalline lagoons for swimming and water sport in any location and with any type of water, including fresh, salt and brackish, which has no other use. This makes it useful even in those areas that suffer from a lack of water.

“It has already proven its worth in multiple locations across the globe, from medium sized residential developments to mini-cities in the Middle East. It has taken over from golf courses as the preferred amenity, providing recreation for the whole family and wider community at a much lower cost.

“Since we built our first Crystal Lagoon we have seen how the inclusion of waterfront amenity can add value to marginal land and in fact turn around distressed assets. It has also permitted increased densities which can completely change the feasibility of a project.”

Mr Rocca said Australia’s growing population meant that governments and private developers were increasingly looking to build new cities in areas remote from lakes and the ocean.

“Amenity is the crucial element that will determine the success of new developments whether it is on a scale of 500 people or 20,000 people,” said Mr Rocca. “Australia is a large continent but much of it is considered uninhabitable due to the absence of water.

“Our technology opens up land that would not previously have been considered attractive for residential or tourist development, at low cost and using a fraction of the water required to maintain a park or golf course.”

In the seven years since the company’s foundation, worldwide demand for the technology has grown exponentially. Within a year of its entry into the North American market, the multinational had 12 projects under development. A further 44 projects are in negotiation with an estimated value exceeding US$46 billion.

The benefits of Crystal Lagoons’ technology go further than creating a value add amenity to real estate. The 12.5 hectare City Stars Sharm El Sheikh mega lagoon in Egypt has been built in the middle of the desert on land once considered unusable but transformed into a tropical oasis by the 12 hectare lagoon that integrates a desalination process to provide potable water for the complex.  This proves that today, Crystal lagoons’ technology is focused on solving one of humanity’s most stringent problems, global water shortage.

“Our technology has the potential to change the economic future of many towns and cities in Australia,” said Mr Rocca. “Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne have limited areas in which to develop and they are reaching further inland away from the coast. An amenity such as a crystal clear lagoon gives a huge competitive edge to any developer particularly when it  can be delivered at low cost and brings with it significant environmental benefits.”

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.


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