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Crystal Lagoons® project in Indonesia emphasized as one of the best things to do

13 August, 2021 / News

The largest Crystal Lagoons® lagoon in Southeast Asia is located in Indonesia and is highlighted by the Culture Trip portal as one of the best panoramas on the island of Bintan.

It is an immense 6.3-hectare lagoon with turquoise waters, where you can do all kinds of water sports, swimming and recreational activities, suitable for all ages.

Treasure Bay Bintan, the official name of the project where the lagoon is located, created by the multinational water innovation company, uses filtered seawater applying the patented Crystal Lagoons® technology to create a functional body of water throughout the year.

One of the main characteristics of this innovation is that it is environmentally responsible, since it uses 100 times less chemicals compared to a traditional swimming pool, just 2% of energy than traditional filter systems, and it operates in a closed system where it is only compensated the water that evaporates.

Crystal Lagoons® in Asia

This lagoon is the first amenity built by Crystal Lagoons® in Southeast Asia, inaugurated in 2015. Located in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia, it is located just 48 kilometers from Singapore and receives visitors from all over the world.

The 90-hectare resort is a place that offers all imaginable amenities for tourists and their families, centered on the 6.3-hectare turquoise lagoon. It includes 5-star hotels, restaurants, trails, and natural hills where houses with Greek-style architecture are located.

Unlike the open sea, this crystalline lagoon is especially safe for children, as it lacks currents that could cause accidents.

Treasure Bay Bintan operates under the Public Access Lagoons™ model, also known as PAL™ developments, where people can access through paid daily tickets, allowing them to enjoy the immense lagoon, inflatable water games, various water sports and the beach bar, among other attractions.



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