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Crystal Lagoons® Playa Turquesa Project Becomes Sales Success

26 March, 2020 / News

The multinational innovation company Crystal Lagoons® latest real estate project in Bolivia, known as Playa Turquesa, has been highlighted by the media for being one of the most beautiful destinations in the country, as well as being of great interest to investors. The project spans over 200 hectares, and its central element is a 30-acre turquoise water lagoon.

The unicorn company, founded by biochemist and innovator Fernando Fischmann, developed and patented the sustainable technology used on the real estate project’s lagoon and certified it as the second largest in the world – among 600 projects distributed in more than 60 countries – after Dubai, which It will hold first place when operational. The company has a portfolio including over 2,000 intellectual property patents.

“This makes Playa Turquesa a revolutionary milestone for the country,” explains Carlos Undurraga, commercial development manager, referring to the success of sales among the 600 families who have invested in the development located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Almost a kilometer in length, it has attracted both national and international investors. “There are families who are already building their homes, and we have also seen an increase in the price of housing units increase 100 percent since the project began. The sales phenomenon that occurs in all Crystal Lagoons projects is that they add extraordinary surplus value,” added the executive.

This revolutionary technology also stands out for its low water consumption, since it works in a closed circuit, needing only to replace the water that is lost through evaporation. In addition, the lagoons generate high value to land that was previously unusable or with limited use, and use any type of water: fresh, brackish or seawater, depending on its availability.

“The lagoon operates with almost 100 times less chemicals than a traditional swimming pool and consumes only 2 percent of energy, which means that it requires very low maintenance. The quality of the water can be compared to mineral water,” says the Playa Turquesa executive, while adding, “this makes Santa Cruz and Bolivia a top destination of interest.”

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