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Crystal Lagoons Onto A Shore Thing: Massive Lagoon And Ice Rink Coming To Pittsburgh

3 October, 2018 / News

Crystal Lagoons®, multinational known for creating and building pristine waterfun lagoons, announced a new cutting-edge project to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It consists of a hybrid development which combines mixed use real estate (offices, retail, multifamily, etc.) with a PAL (public access lagoons) component open to the general public.

The crystalline lagoon will offer additional four-season functionality with thermal baths year-round. In the summer, locals will be able to swim, practice aquatic sports and enjoy white sand beaches. Meanwhile, during the winter months, a part of the lagoon will be converted into an ice rink for winter sports.

A 2-acre man-made lagoon is coming to the city’s North Side as part of the planned mixed-use Esplanade development planned along the Ohio River. The idyllic Public Access Lagoon will anchor Esplanade and will employ a patented, high-tech process allowing for use of 100 times fewer chemicals and only 2% of the energy required to filter a traditional swimming pool.

The crystalline lagoon, a joint effort between Pittsburgh-based real estate developers Millcraft Investments and lagoon-builders Crystal Lagoons, draws inspiration from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. Located on a 15-acre brownfield plot in Pittsburgh’s Chateau neighborhood, developers aim on adding a recreational aspect to the new development, which will also feature retail and residencies.

Developers have not yet released a date for the public opening, but once they break ground on the lagoon, Crystal Lagoons expects to complete construction in less than a year. Christopher Souza, Crystal Lagoons’ regional director, said the lagoon will be the first urban lagoon in the country when it opens.

“Esplanade’s lagoon will be situated in the coldest weather climate of any Crystal Lagoons amenity worldwide to date,” said the executive.

“Crystal Lagoons has seen a growing demand for development of ice skating-capable concepts in colder-climate cities, since the company’s crystalline lagoons can naturally freeze or can freeze with the addition of supplemental technology.”

“For us, this is our first lagoon that is not only open to the entire public, but it’s in a city like Pittsburgh,” Souza said. “From the day Millcraft begins to build the lagoon, it should take no more than eight months. Actually, it could be a bit quicker because of the size.”

A floating screen for movies in the middle of the lagoon is an option, the developers said, and possibly even a stage for performances.

Although prices for entry have not been determined yet, Millcraft community and public relations manager Chelsea Peluso said that a variety of options will be offered for those who want to enjoy the lagoon. “We will be offering day passes, memberships, different packages, community days,” Peluso said, “Making sure this is completely accessible to the community, to the area and to visitors of Pittsburgh.”

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs. 



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