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Crystal Lagoons' Mohamed Bin Rashid City Project in Dubai: Bringing Water to the Desert

20 January, 2015 / News

Looking at the huge expanse of crystal clear blue waters, you could be forgiven for thinking you are on a Caribbean island when you enter Mohamed Bin Rashid City — District One. But the surrounding landscape comprising the imposing Burj Khalifa, and the sight of buildings under construction make you realize that you are still in Dubai.

It may have previously been a desert expanse, but this stunning blanket of water is the beginning of what will become the largest manmade lagoon in the world.

It might well seem like an ambitious idea to bring this much water to what is basically arid land, but nothing is impossible for Dubai. And, with the necessary advances in technology, possessing such a large area of lagoon in the desert is now a reality.

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The record-breaking lagoon is being brought to the UAE by Crystal Lagoons, a revolutionary international company that has succeeded in developing patented technology to help create seemingly unlimited-sized lagoons all over the world. Pioneered by Fernando Fischmann, Founder and Chairman of Crystal Lagoons Corporation and a biochemist the company have been involved in at least 300 projects in more than 60 countries.

The upcoming mammoth lagoon in the UAE is an exciting addition for the city, and will, without doubt, add much value to the eagerly anticipated Mohammad Bin Rashid City project.

Kevin Morgan, CEO, Crystal Lagoons, says, ”Mohamed Bin Rashid City — District One is the first landmark project to be announced within the development, which is poised to become one of the most sought-after residential communities in the region.

”Meydan and Sobha aim to develop this community into one of the world’s prime residential locations, delivering a new, vibrant and green heart for Dubai. Crystal Lagoons’ eco-friendly and sustainable technology complements this vision.”

According to Morgan, few countries in the world are propelled by the kind of ambition the UAE government possesses. ”There are a huge number of developments that are changing the property and leisure sector here. These present massive opportunities to be a part of something special and we are honoured to be in partnership with Meydan/Sobha in realizing their dream.”




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