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Crystal Lagoons Innovation to Optimize Water Usage

11 March, 2020 / News
Fernando Fischmann founder of Crystal Lagoons

Hundreds of scientific papers and research emphasize the health benefits associated with living nearby large bodies of water, while also promoting a healthy, sporty lifestyle and reducing stress. The full effect of these benefits, however, may be increasingly difficult to tap into, given the current worldwide water shortage.

Water is increasingly becoming a sought-after commodity. For this reason, Crystal Lagoons® innovation rapidly became a success, as its technology requires the lagoons to be filled just once and on a closed circuit. Furthermore, it makes the most of water resources that would otherwise have no usage or that are otherwise lost daily around the world, generating a positive water economy in comparison to the current situation. 

These state-of-the-art crystalline lagoons capture disused water of unlimited abundance, including brackish water. For this reason, Crystal Lagoons, which was created by Fernando Fischmann, is capable of creating successful projects in areas characterized for their aridity in the Middle East, such as the Sinai desert, in Egypt, or in the middle of Dubai, true oases that use water otherwise would be lost.

Crystal Lagoons innovation is disruptive in that it can occupy any type of water. Projects found nearby the coast, can be filled with water from the ocean, while those located in rainy areas can catch rainwater, converting them into a reservoir. The accumulated excess water can be given multiple uses.

When fresh water is required to compensate for evaporation, the lagoons require only half of the water used for a park of the same size and 30 times less than a golf course. However, perhaps the most innovative aspect this technology has to offer, is its molecular film technology that reduces the use of fresh water by an additional 50%.

All this explains the success of these crystalline lagoons around the world, which allow access to the benefits of water, bathing and sports with a much more intensive use than green areas and greater use per liter of water.

Without a doubt, an innovation that safeguards a crucial resource such as water.


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