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Crystal Lagoons in Peru: La Jolla Luxury Beach Homes & Condos

18 February, 2015 / News

Located in the beach at southern Lima, La Joya is a sophisticated luxury condo complex whose main attraction is a Crystal Lagoons’ massive crystal clear lagoon.

With a total investment of US$ 150 million, the project that offers apartment units from 200 m2 to wide land sites of 300 m2, will host a 55.000 m2 beautiful turquoise waters lagoon developed by the innovation multinational Crystal Lagoons.

At this exclusive second home resort’s lagoon people will be able to swim and to practice water sports such as paddle board, kayaking and even sail.

Crystal Lagoons’ massive crystal clear lagoons are sustainable and environmentally friendly since they only need water to compensate natural evaporation, generating half the water consumption of a park and up to ten times less of a golf course. In addition, they use up to 100 times less chemicals than traditional swimming pools and water disinfection systems, and just 2% of the energy required by conventional filtration technologies.

“This is like a five star resort, Caribbean like, but with owners and the management of a condo complex”, Javier Musiris, developer of the project, explains.

It was not until last February when the lagoon was real thanks to Crystal Lagoons’ technology. This lagoon will also offer 25.000 m2 of white sand beaches, apart from the ones of the natural coast, for the enjoyment of 600 families that will inhabit the condo complex.

Most of them will arrive in two years time, when the first apartment units will be presented. These units will be part of two lines of construction lots for houses that will be built around the lagoon. The units nearest the lagoon will have a price up to US$530.000.



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