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Crystal Lagoons: Creating a global beachfront

26 October, 2015 / News

Crystal Lagoons has been featured on the latest edition of Australiasia Magazine, an important real estate publication in Oceania

Fast forward to 2015 and it is fair to say that Crystal Lagoons has experienced exponential growth both locally and internationally. Since the success and popularity of this first mega-lagoon facility, Crystal Lagoons now has a large portfolio of approximately 300 urban, public, leisure and industrial projects around the world at various stages of development.

Present across 60 countries and five continents, the company holds partnership agreements with key international real estate firms with its technology patent-protected in 160 countries. Due to its rapid expansion, the company has commenced a consolidation process in the United States with headquarters in Miami, Florida and currently developing five projects in that State and in negotiations for other 30 projects in the US market, with particular focus on Florida, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, California and Hawaii.

Crystal Lagoons has also been active in the area of innovation and recently developed a new technology called “floating lagoons” which has global expansion potential. The technology involves the development of crystal-clear lagoons of high sanitary and aesthetic standards for recreational purposes that are installed floating over bodies of water that currently are not suitable for swimming. They can be installed over dams, rivers, and retention ponds in minimal time at low costs.

In addition, they have been working on an industrial application of this technology for sustainable cooling processes in thermo-electric power plants, suitable for data centres, mining camps, among other industrial facilities. This technology consist of lagoons of closed-circuit cycle where the water is used for cooling processes and then sent back to the lagoon for it to be used again in future processes. Crystal Lagoons believes this technology will change the paradigms of the energy market worldwide and that it will lower the negative environmental impact generated by traditional one-through systems.

Having created the world’s largest crystal-clear lagoon at Sharm El Sheikh tourism development on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula with 30 acres breaking the San Alfonso del Mar record of 20 acres, Crystal Lagoons is currently working on an even larger project at Mohammad Bin Rashid City in Dubai.

The Mohammad Bin Rashid City in Dubai – District One is being undertaken by Crystal Lagoons in association with a joint venture between Meydan Group – the Property arm of Dubai Government- and Indian real estate and construction company Sobha. Located in the heart of Dubai, the USD 7 billion development will include a 90 acre lagoon as its central amenity.

Crystal Lagoons Corp. is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.



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