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Crystal Lagoons Announces the Largest Lagoon in the USA

22 January, 2016 / News

Miami based Crystal Lagoons US, Corp. announced its latest lagoon in the U.S., which will be the largest in the U.S. to date.  A 14-acre Crystal Lagoon will be built as part of “Twin Creeks,” a master-planned community located in St. John’s County, Florida, between Jacksonville and St. Augustine.

Encompassing approximately 3,000 acres, Twin Creeks will include more than 3,000 homes, retail and commercial space, office space, two schools and numerous parks and waterfront dining, retail and an upscale single-family home community with private beaches on the northern side of the community.  Home sales in Twin Creeks are expected to begin in the summer of 2016.

Crystal Lagoons sustainable technology creates large-scale, Caribbean-style beachfront recreational locations anywhere in the world.  A true family-centric amenity, Crystal Lagoons completely transform the lifestyles of those who have access to them as the lagoons are ideal for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing in a safe and fun environment.

“We are excited to announce our 11th Crystal Lagoon in the U.S. which will be our largest lagoon to date in the United States thus far. This project is particularly exciting because the developer is using the lagoon to create a vibrant waterfront dining and shopping experience as part of a truly mixed-use master planned community.” said Uri Man, CEO, Crystal Lagoons US, Corp.  “We have seen the demand for our technology explode in the U.S. with about 35 projects under negotiation and those projects are valued at 33 billion dollars.”

Crystal Lagoons partners with real estate developers, industrial institutions and governmental entities to provide licensing for its innovative technology with applications that range from recreational to industrial and more.  The very first Crystal Lagoon was built 17 years ago in San Alfonso del Mar, Chile, and quickly became the most successful second home resort in the southern hemisphere, surpassing competition and selling units at much higher prices and at unprecedented rates.

“We have seen how much value Crystal Lagoons brings to the community they are in, and we are very excited to work with them on Twin Creeks,” said developer John Kinsey.  “We look forward to bringing the largest Crystal Lagoon in the U.S. to St. John’s County and its residents.”

An environmentally sustainable amenity, Crystal Lagoons uses 30 times less water than a typical 18-hole golf course and 50 percent less water than a park of the same size. Crystal Lagoons can use almost any type of water, fresh, salt, brackish, well water and more.

Crystal Lagoons’ technology uses disinfection pulses that allow using up to 100 times less chemicals than swimming pools and also uses an ultrasonic filtration system that allows using up to 50 times less energy than conventional filtration systems.

Twin Creeks” follows the company’s ten announced projects in the U.S. with world-class developers such as Metro Development Group, Tavistock Development Group, LeFrak, and Turnberry Associates for numerous projects in Florida, with forthcoming announcements planned for Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.

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