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Crystal Lagoons Announces New PAL® Project in Texas

24 May, 2024 / News

Crystal Lagoonscontinues to grow in Texas with the new project Ascensions on Lake Travis, the first Public Access Lagoons® complex, also known as PAL® developments, in the Austin metropolitan area. The 3-acre crystalline lagoonsuitable for swimming and water sports will be the main attraction of this high-end hotel development, solidifying Crystal Lagoons’ foothold in the hospitality industry.

Located in Spicewood, a mere 45 minutes northwest of Austin, this development, powered by the multinational in partnership with Austin Real Estate Ventures, promises more than just pristine beaches. Luxury residential units, retail boutiques, restaurants, areas for events, concert venues, terraces, theaters, etc., and bespoke services will complement the lagoon, epitomizing the quintessential PAL® experience.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Crystal Lagoons to curate the ultimate resort destination, bringing white sand beaches, vibrant blue water, and luscious palm trees to the most desirable location in the state, Lake Travis, in the heart of Texas Hill Country,” affirms, Derek Diaz, CEO of Austin Real Estate Ventures.

Notably, it will be the first Public Access Lagoons® project, also known as PAL® developments, in the Austin Metro Area. It promises an entirely new and unique entertainment offering that drastically changes people’s lifestyles, and it will be accessible to all through ticketed entry.

Ascensions on Lake Travis will offer a unique entertainment option that that will be accessible to all through ticketed entry. The artificial lagoon will not only transform the recreational landscape of the area but also radically change the lifestyle of residents, allowing them to enjoy an idyllic beach life year-round.

Crystal Lagoons® technology will sustainably bring beach life to this area of Texas, alleviating the need for Spicewood residents to travel far for coastal recreation, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

“Every hotel project incorporating a Crystal Lagoons® amenity becomes the most attractive destination in the area. These bodies of water change the paradigm of vacation developments with world-class hotel and resort standards”, explains Iván Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales at Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

The United States is the primary global market for Crystal Lagoons, with over 275 projects in various development and negotiation stages. Texas, in particular, boasts over 70 complexes, including notable successes like Lago Mar, Balmoral, Windsong Ranch, Sunterra, and Sierra Vista.

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