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Crystal Lagoons Amenity in Wesley Chapel, Florida, Is Open To Everyone, For Now…

10 May, 2019 / News

One of the most asked —  if not the most asked — questions in Wesley Chapel, Florida, has an answer, and it is yes.

Or more accurately: YES! So starts the article published by the Neighborhood News newspaper about Crystal Lagoons® innovation.

The Crystal Lagoons amenity known as Epperson, off Curley Rd. in Wesley Chapel, developed together with Metro, is open, and you can use it, too. At least for now.

Although only recently opened, it is already drawing huge crowds to its crystalline water lagoon, white sand beach and variety of activities surrounding the Crystal Lagoons lagoon that anchors the development.

For a limited time, the public is welcome to attend for US$ 20 per person. The discounted rate will be in effect through Memorial Day, when it goes up to US$ 25 per person.

The lagoon has been allowing a limited number of non-Epperson residents in each day since April, and tickets are available, while they last, at LagoonInformation.com.

If you don’t pre-order and decide to just show up, you run the risk of being shut out. According to Eric Wahlbeck, the managing director of Metro Lagoons, there have already been sellouts on almost every day with good weather, with more to come as summer rolls in.

“It’s been awesome to watch,” he says.  

The lagoon is letting in 200-300 non-residents a day, and drawing nearly 2,000 visitors (including Epperson residents) on busy days, Wahlbeck added.

“It’s limited, so we can control the numbers for our residents,” he said, “but so far, it has been hugely popular. This is only a test market, so we are still trying to see what the facility can handle while affording the residents their space.”

In time, the lagoon will be limited to residents only, who pay a US$ 25 a month fee per household to use the facility. Until Epperson is built out, the admission of non-residents will help supplement the costs of maintaining the lagoon.  

So far, those living in Epperson don’t seem to have a problem sharing their most desirable amenity. Wahlbeck says he hasn’t had to sort out any problems involving non-residents so far.

“There was a lot of fear in the beginning,” he says. “But, since we started it, it has gone really well. We have made sure to make sure it’s not a free-for-all. And there will be plenty of resident-only parties.”

Please note that the lagoon doesn’t allow any outside food, drink or coolers inside, nor are guests or residents allowed to bring their own chairs. Wahlbeck says the lagoon has more than 600 lounge chairs, a grab-and-go café for food, as well as a rotating schedule of food trucks, a bar that serves beer and liquor, kayaks and paddleboards for rent and, the most crystalline water around, thanks to Crystal Lagoons patented water-filtration process that uses up to 100 times less chemicals that a conventional swimming pool and 30 times less water than a golf course.

The lagoon pavilion area also boasts an 18-foot by 12-foot LED screen above its stage, which can be used for viewing sporting events, and even television shows like “Jeopardy” — he says some residents are organizing a Tuesday night “Jeopardy” watch party.

There are activities scheduled every weekend, such as aquatic activities, and the lagoon has a giant inflatable water slide.  

“It’s the same idea as Disney resorts,” he says. “You come for the water, but there are plenty of activities to take part in as well.”

To visit the lagoon, go to LagoonInformation.com 

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.

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