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Crystal Lagoons and Acquavista launch “Villa Residencial”, Córdoba’s first condo complex with crystal clear lagoon

6 February, 2015 / News

An amazing crystal clear lagoon will be the central attraction of this project, unique in its kind in Argentina’s inner area. The lagoon will be 2.7-hectare in size and it will be developed by Crystal Lagoons’ concept and technology.

Acquavista Villa Residencial, the only closed neighbourhood with a crystal clear lagoon in Argentina’s inner area, launched its first stage with a tower of apartments.

Its developers told that the units will be provided with balconies and terraces with view to the amazing crystal clear lagoon.

Acquavista Villa Residencial is a project being developed by Grupo Artemisa and the innovation multinational company Crystal Lagoons. With more the 300 projects in 60 countries, Crystal Lagoons can bring the idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world thanks to its sustainable concept and technology, being able to construct and maintain limitless-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.

The project will use 74 hectare located at Malagueño, on the south of Córdoba-Carlos Paz highway and it will have 648 lots of between 525 and 1.000 square meters.





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