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Construccion Panamericana Magazine devotes large article to Crystal Lagoons

14 April, 2015 / News
Fernando Fischmann

The renowned international real estate magazine Construccion Panamericana named Crystal Lagoons as one of the most attractive innovations that are raising the interest of recreational complexes worldwide.

The article highlights Crystal Lagoons’ the exponential international growth, stating that its crystal clear lagoons have become very popular in many areas of the world, such as The United States, Latin-America, and the Middle East. All of them have already embraced the innovative concept of this multinational corporation based in Miami, US.

It is precisely in The US where the multinational of innovation has experienced its most recent successful expansion, being currently involved in 30 projects throughout the nation. The ones being developed in Florida will be the first ones to start operations.

Construccion Panamericana also states that there are other American states that in the near future will have crystal clear lagoons, such as Arizona, Nevada and Texas, projects that will represent an estimated total investment of US$9.000 million.

The article also mentions European countries such as Spain and Portugal as places where soon this technology might also come to.

Other Crystal Lagoons’ positive aspects underlined by the magazine are its latest technological innovations: The industrial application of crystal clear lagoons for sustainable cooling systems at thermo electrical power plants and floating lagoons. The latter makes possible to use large water reserves that today have none further use.

The publication also emphasizes Crystal Lagoons innovative technology, being capable of offering very low construction and maintenance costs: “The low cost are due to the technology developed by the company which uses ultrasound to move all the dirt and gather it at the centre of the lagoons, where it can be easily removed. The lagoons are constantly being monitored remotely from a single station from where changes to the composition of water can be made through telemetric technology. This basically lowers the costs of having personnel in site at every lagoon”.



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