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Clear Water Lagoon Project Powered by Crystal Lagoons to Land on Australia’s Greenest City

21 March, 2018 / News

Crystal Lagoons® has plans for a new clear water lagoon project in the heart of Campbelltown, as the city looks to put its foot forward to host a combined Western Sydney Commonwealth Games in the future.

Crystal Lagoons Oceania director German Rocca says the project is still a reality for Campbelltown and believes it would integrate well with Campbelltown’s vision for a green city where recreation, business and living are well connected.

“We see our clear water lagoons placed in Western Sydney and especially Campbelltown to help activate recreation in the community. For people in Campbelltown going to the beach even if it’s only 45 minutes away can be a full day outing, particularly if you have children. We want people to live five minutes away from the beach”, he said.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.



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