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Chilean entrepreneurs travel to U.S. to soak Berkeley method

5 August, 2014 / News

Next August 19th, three Chilean entrepreneurs will travel to the U.S. to participate in the “Global SkyDeck-Venture Program“, an initiative led by UC Berkeley that provides them with tools to successfully insert their projects to market.

The program is funded in Chile by Crystal Lagoons and will allow Charles Rohrer, of Terviu; Andrés Vergara of Wholemeaning, and Rodrigo Andrews, of Amniofilm, to spend four days at the headquarters of the University of Berkeley in California.

The proyects

Terviu is an online recruitment platform through referrals which allows the employees of a company to make recommendations for hiring. “We created an account in the businesses platform. Here, they invite their employees and there is a planning system to reward employees for referrals,” explains co-founder Charles Rohrer. Currently the company operates in Chile and evaluates operations in Colombia and Peru.

Another winner project is Wholemeaning, software that reads and classifies in real time all the information coming from customers to a business, because it “understands” misspellings or idioms. “This software is able to understand what customers say. Is able to read and emulate what a person does. It understands semantics, grammar, and the hardest thing which is the pragmatic,” says Andres Vergara, one of its creators. As said, the software is so efficient that in the same time it takes a person to read a claim, Wholemeaning can read 100,000. The software is available in Spanish and the next step is to launch it in English. For that, the U.S. trip will be essential.

The third entrepreneur who will travel to California is Rodrigo Andrews, founder of Lynx Labs, a biotechnology laboratory that developed Amniofilm, an amniotic membrane grafting which helps tissue regeneration. “We used the amniotic membrane, which covers the baby inside the mother. After a Cesarean she is subjected to a process and finally we developed a product that is a biological patch,” says Andrews. The company has sold about 200 patches and the goal now is internationalization. “The most valuable from the trip to Berkeley is to refine the business model. We know how it works in Chile, but internationalization is what comes and we can take this to define it,” he says.

The jury was composed by Fernando Fischmann, Chairman and founder of Crystal Lagoons; Ikhlaq Sidhu and Ken Singer, directors of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology of Berkeley; Alfonso Gomez, Executive President of UC Innovation Center; Alfonso Cruz, Executive Director of the COPEC-Pontificia Catholic University of Chile Foundation; Ricardo San Martin, Visiting Scholar UC Berkeley CET and coordinator of the initiative in the United States., and Juan Jaime Diaz, “El Mercurio” Deputy Director.

Crystal Lagoons Corp. is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, that has developed and patented technology that allows for the low-cost construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water in crystal-clear condition.



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