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Brazilian Newspaper Highlights Crystal Lagoons World’s Top Amenity Around the Globe

6 March, 2020 / News
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The tourism section of the Brazilian newspaper, Correio Braziliense, recently published an article highlighting several Crystal Lagoons® water amenities located around the globe. In its recent ranking, the paper highlights five emblematic lagoons, known as the world’s top amenity. The technology and concept behind these turquoise lagoons that bring a piece of the ocean to previously unthinkable strips of land, which otherwise would have no use, were created by biochemist Fernando Fischmann, founder and President of the American multinational based in Miami. Within its milestones, the company has two World Guinness Records, in addition to idyllic lagoons and a business model known as Public Access Lagoons™, bringing beach life to the heart of cities around the world.

Mahasamutr, Thailand

In 2019, Crystal Lagoons inaugurated its first Public Access Lagoon™, known as PAL™, in the country. Known as Blue Tree Phuket, it functions under the multinational’s newest business model, granting daily passes to the general public via ticketed entry.

Previously, the firm has already inaugurated an idyllic 3-acre lagoon at MahaSamutr, the central attraction at the resort styled complex at Hua Hin. Like many other lagoons, the pristine water amenity is surrounded by white sand beaches.

All homes offer direct access to the lagoon’s beach activities allowing residents to relax on the beach or learn a watersport such as kayakingpaddleboarding, or swimming, as well as other amenities such as waterfront dining options.

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

A private residential resort within the Chilean coastal city of Algarrobo, located just 60 miles from the nation’s capital city of Santiago, this was the first project developed by the firm. Guinness World Record holder until 2015, the monumental water amenity spans 1 kilometer in length.

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Built in the Sinai desert, Egypt, the Swissotel Citystars Sharm el Sheikh Hotel & Residences, the country’s first Swissotel, includes 400 guestrooms and suites overlooking the Crystal Lagoons amenity alongside retail space and 400 residences due to open in 2020. The monumental water feature, powered by Crystal Lagoons technology, was awarded in 2015 the Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest (29 acres), record it maintains till this day.

Las Brisas, Chile

Las Brisas is situated within the exclusive Santo Domingo community located within the Valparaiso region on Chile’s coast. The resort is anchored by an impressive 5-acre salt water lagoon, equivalent to 16 Olympic-sized swimming pools, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It too offersbeachfront swimming and water sports for residents in a safe environment, as swimming in the ocean is not permitted.

Laguna Bahía, Chile

The pristine, clear water lagoon spans over 3.5 acres, making it the second-largest in the city of Algarrobo after its neighboring resort lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar, Chile. In addition to extensive swimming areas, the lagoon offers a variety of beachfront water activities, including windsurfing and kayaking.

Crystal Lagoons is an American multinational innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.

Correio Braziliense


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