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Brazilian media highlight Crystal Lagoons’ first project in Brazil inauguration

12 March, 2015 / News

The inauguration of Crystal Lagoons first navigable crystal clear lagoon in Brazil has caused a total revolution. That country’s most important media have been interested in covering this piece of news since the technology of Fernando Fischmann’s company can now bring the idyllic lifestyle of the Caribbean beaches to Brazil, a country worldwide recognized by its beautiful beaches.

Crystal Lagoons arrival to Brazil has been done in association to BC Genera.

The company’s first crystal clear navigable lagoon project in Brazil has an extension of 2,1 hectares and it is surrounded by four wide breaches. Placed at Cuiabá city, “Brazil Beach Cuiabá Home & Resort” considers 1.308 homes, among houses and apartment units with a total investment of US$350 million.

The complex is part of the development plan of first and second home projects that Crystal Lagoons is carrying on in Brazil, Latin-America’s biggest economy and 7th worldwide,

“Our crystal clear lagoons will be, without any doubt, a total success in Brazil. Since this is a very innovative concept and it represents a powerful advantage we are completely sure that it will provoke a revolution in the real estate market of that country, as it has already happen in all the countries where we have introduced this technology and concept. To provide the idyllic beach lifestyle to the people at their doorsteps in places far away from the coast is a so powerful experience that it just chance the people’s lifestyles”, states Francisco Matte, Crystal Lagoons’ commercial manager.

Cuiabá is the first of three projects that the innovation multinational is planning to carry out in that country in partnership with BC Genera. A second housing project will be located in Estado Mato Grosso do Sul and it will have 7.000 homes, while a third one will be located in Brasilia and considers 1.350 residential units and a navigable crystal clear lagoon where people will be able to practice water sports such as kayaking.

The new Crystal Lagoons developments will add to other ones that Crystal Lagoons is also developing in Brazil. Up to date, the multinational company has 15 projects in different development stages in partnership with the main real estate developers of that country.



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