Fernando Fischmann

Beach a very sophisticated lagoon

11 December, 2014 / News

Just 40 minutes from Buenos Aires there is a project that offers the chance of having the beach near home. This is Terralagos, which in its master plan proposes a Crystal Lagoons’ lagoon surrounded by sand and palm trees.

“Having this 5-hectare crystalline water lagoon, this project allows the practice of water sports such as windsurf, scuba diving, and kayaking. Apart from that, in its surroundings people will be able to enjoy a walking path and a club for children, among other activities”, Osvaldo Loverno, Castex’s Director of Sales, said.

In the residential aspect, the project has planned 1300 lots and 500 apartments designed in 8 neighborhoods. The infrastructure work is already in an advanced stage.

The company that develops the lagoons, Crystal Lagoons, is present in 60 countries, and “its technology can keep bodies of crystalline water in a sustainable way”, explained Esteban Edelstein Pernice, Castex’s Director.

Crystal Lagoons’ lagoons are ecologically-friendly lagoons that use up to 100 less chemical additives than conventional pools and a filtration process that operates at low costs that consumes just 2% of the energy that other traditional filtration systems require. Apart from that, the lagoons are filled just once, and they work in a close circuit and they just need water for compensate evaporation, generating a water consumption that is about half of the one in a park and up to ten times less than the one a golf course requires.



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