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Australian press highlights the “gigantic oases” developed by Crystal Lagoons

26 January, 2015 / News

Having created the world’s largest crystalline lagoon at Sharm el Sheikh on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, developer Crystal Lagoons is currently working on an even larger project at Mohammad Bin Rashid City in Dubai.

Located in the heart of Dubai, the US$7 billion development will include a 40 hectare lagoon as its central amenity surrounded by corporate towers, industrial parks, sports areas, a public park bigger than Hyde Park in London, over 100 hotels, and 1,500 new super luxury residential condominiums.

While the first phase of Dubai’s artificial lagoon has been completed , the fully operational lagoon will feature wide beaches with swimming and unlimited water recreation opportunities when it is completed in 2020.

First developed in Chile at the San Alfonso Del Mar mega lagoon, Crystal Lagoons’ mega lagoons use a ‘pulse oxidation’ water cleaning system. Pioneered Crystal Lagoons Corporation founder and Chairman Dr Fernando Fischmann, the technology uses at least 10 times less chemicals than conventional pool cleaning systems, enabling low-cost construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water in crystal-clear condition.

In the desert environments of Dubai and Egypt, this has enabled brackish water to be transformed into water usable as the central feature of massive real estate projects for residential communities and tourism accommodation, bringing a beach-type lifestyle to anywhere in the world: to beaches not suitable for swimming, inland locations, major cities and, as in the case of the Sharm el Sheikh and Dubai developments, in desert environments.

As a result, the lagoons can spur massive real estate investment and resultant economic growth.

Crystal Lagoons Chief Executive Kevin Morgan explains “based on our track record in the Middle East, we have proven that our technology … (makes) beachfront real estate a reality anywhere in the world.”

Patented in 160 countries, Crystal Lagoons’ technology has been applied to over 300 projects in more than 60 countries – with projects varying in size from less than a hectare to upwards of 40 hectares. Its largest lagoon, before Dubai’s is completed, is the 12.5-hectare project at Sharm el Sheikh, completed in 2013.

Completed projects have been executed in Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico and United States while the company is also involved in discussions for a number of tourism projects in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City project is being undertaken by Crystal Lagoons in association with a joint venture between Meydan Group – the property arm of Dubai Government and Indian real estate and construction company Sobha.





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