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Another crystalline lagoon in Paraguay

8 July, 2022 / News

“Paraguay is a market with a lot of potential for Crystal Lagoons, especially Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, due to various factors. Our technology brings the ocean to the cities, creating urban beach life, just as 200 years ago an architect in England brought a piece of the forest to the city of London, and urban parks were created. These PAL™ projects will change the lives of millions of Paraguayans and will reduce the use of cars or a plane to go to the beach, with the consequent environmental savings”, explains Jean Pierre Juanchich, regional director of the multinational water innovation company.

Paraguay is the second most important regional market for Crystal Lagoons after Argentina, that is, where more projects are being placed. The multinational has 18 initiatives in different stages of development and negotiation and in 2022 it inaugurates two new lagoons. One of them is Aqua Terra.

It is a residential real estate project of almost 123-acre located in Luque, on the outskirts of the Paraguayan capital, Asunción. It has a 6,6-acre crystalline lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable and patented technology and has an 8,200 m² white sand beach area, restaurants, a gym, sports areas, among other services. Aqua Terra contemplates 437 single-family lots, divided into 4 neighborhoods and houses with a view of the lagoon.

PAL™ developments are characterized by monumental crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches. In them, events such as launches, fairs, food-halls, weddings, concerts, day clubs, etc. can be held in a paradisiacal environment and multiple settings, such as beaches, peninsulas for the bride and groom, terraces, domes, as well as vast gastronomy, retail, beach clubs, amphitheaters, and recreational and cultural activities.

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