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American magazine recognizes Crystal Lagoons as saviour of some of the world’s biggest problems

8 June, 2016 / News

The American magazine Willow Bend Neighbors published an article in its June edition showcasing the recreational and industrial applications of Crystal Lagoons. The media outlet recognizes that the innovation multinational can save some of the world’s biggest problems with its technologies, such as water shortage, energy and pollution.

The article describes why Crystal Lagoons’ technology and innovation have reached the global relevance they have today, highlighting its main projects around the world, but also emphasizing its contribution in terms of industrial sustainable cooling solutions, desalinization systems without using energy, and the forward-looking approach which boosts the multinational’s work today.

Willow Bend Neighbors states that the scientist and real-estate developer, Fernando Fischmann, dreamed of creating a large, turquoise colored crystal-clear water lagoon which would provide for swimming and water sports in a safe, clean, environment. But to his surprise, the technology did not exist. He then decided to create his own innovative system. Fischmann, a biochemist by profession, experimented for years until developing the pioneering technology, Crystal Lagoons.

The patented technology allows building and maintaining lagoons of unlimited size any place on the planet. The first tourist and real estate project called San Alfonso del Mar, on the west coast of Valparaíso, Chile, quickly became the most successful residential development in South America with surrounding land instantly selling at much higher prices. The 20 acre lagoon of pristine, crystal clear water was subsequently awarded the 2007 World Guinness Record as, “The Largest Man-made Lagoon in the World.”

Bayside in Rowlett will be the first lagoon in Texas with others to follow. The largest built to date is in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt at approximately 24 acres for a luxurious resort’s recreational use. The largest in the world, yet to be completed, is in Dubai, UAE at 90 acres in total with separated lagoons, which will be connected.

In addition to recreational use, Fischmann has developed and patented technology to use the lagoons as part of cooling for industrial processes. So, lagoons are now used for thermal power plants, data centers, foundries, paper and steel mills, among others. Instead of connecting such facilities to natural bodies of water, a Crystal lagoon can be used to eliminate the environmental impact.

Crystal Lagoons has developed a revolutionary technology that allows using large amounts of normally wasted thermal energy from industrial processes to produce freshwater from saltwater. The technology used for this process is called membrane distillation. Water is driven by a temperature gradient that allows extracting fresh water from hot salt water, creating large volumes of quality water at a surprisingly low cost.

Crystal Lagoons has also developed a technology that allows treating and purifying surface runoff water at very low costs through a lagoon. This provides a reliable and high quality water supply in times of drought or water shortage. Subsequently, water stored in lagoon aquifers can be used for agriculture, mining and sanitary purposes.

Currently, more than 300 projects are in progress in 60 countries. US projects include Texas, Nevada and Florida. Crystal Lagoons is focused on improving the lives of people by solving some of the world’s biggest problems such as water scarcity, energy, contamination, and lack of open public spaces. The Crystal Lagoons City concept visualizes all of the recreational and industrial technologies to work together so a community can benefit from recreation, to clean energy and water at very low costs. Changing real estate markets worldwide, this innovation is aimed at transforming cities into idyllic beach locations. So, let the city beach-sides begin!

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.


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