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Windsong Ranch Lagoon Hits Construction Milestone

27 March, 2019 / News

Exciting things are happening at Windsong Ranch. The Crystal Lagoons® project, developed together with Tellus Group in Texas, U.S., is expected to reach the final stages of construction, allowing for the filling process to begin in April. This spectacular crystalline lagoon spreads over a total of 5 acres.

This process will take approximately 2.5 weeks, and will hopefully be accessible to residents during the month of June. The amenity, which will anchor the real-estate project, will additionally be surrounded by white sandy beaches and hike and bike trails that will provide a paradisiacal experience to the residents.

Crystal Lagoons technology allow the waters to be maintained in clear turquoise conditions. The technology also requires 30 times less water than a golf course of the same size and can be filled with any type of water, including salt or brackish water. It also uses 100 times fewer chemicals than traditional swimming pools and consumes only two percent of the energy required by traditional pool filtration systems. The result is a dramatic, clean, clear body of fresh water perfect for a wide variety of recreational activities – swimming, kayaking, remote control boat races, paddle boarding and windsurfing.

Windsong Ranch is a closed residential complex anchored by Crystal Lagoons amenities which has received several awards from the most prestigious organizations in the U.S. Furthermore, the National Association of Home Builders of the United States (NAHB) and the National Council of Sales and Marketing of the United States (NSMC) has recently awarded the development with the awards “Best Lifestyle Director”, “Master Planned Community of the Year” and “Lifestyle Program”.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.

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