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10 Ways Leaders Can Encourage Their Teams To Embrace Innovation

10 November, 2016 / Articles

The most successful companies are the most innovative. They aren’t consumed by copying what others have done. Instead, they focus on creating something new as well as introducing new technologies to their teams.

However, change to workplace systems and procedures requires adaptability and resilience — not something every team is ready for. How does leadership foster an environment that excels in the face of today’s disruptive advancements? Below, members of Forbes Coaches Council explain.

  1. Remove The Fear Of Failure

People inherently resist change. Anything “new” is a threat to their comfort zone and brings with it a fear of failing. Encourage teams to swing for the fences, knowing that failure is the doorway to innovation and success, and they will go for it. Create a game that changes the automatic mental threat, like rewarding the biggest fail and the biggest lesson. See what they innovate with the new paradigm.   – Janet Zaretsky, The Zenith Business

  1. Let Your Team Do The Research

Journalism isn’t dead. Let your teams research, write, interview and report on the new technology, then publish their work in a company bulletin. In the U.S. Army, we produced unit reports weekly that provided insight into training, technology and new ideas. It gave people a voice, got them thinking, and most importantly, got them to ask questions.   – John O’Connor, Career Pro Inc.

  1. Involve Your Team In The Process

Don’t “push” the new technology on the team and hope that they’ll embrace it. Instead, start by listening to their concerns and creating a learning process to find solutions. Acknowledge their fears and support their progress along the way through quantitative and qualitative feedback. Focus on how the company will benefit from the advancement and how important their involvement is.

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